Sunday, January 2, 2022

Bye Bye 2021 and Hello 2022


I have no words to describe what is 2021 for me 

In March 2021 , daddy left us forever . He lost the battle with cancer after less than 1 year of fighting. We all did not expect him to pass away so sudden . This was the lowest point . 

In May 2021 , i moved back to Subang after staying in Penang for more than 10 years !!! We finally moved back after talking about it for years . We stayed in my mom's house for few months and moved into our own home in Oct 2021 . I only actively looking for a job in KL/Selangor towards late of last year when daddy's getting sicker. I got my job offer days before daddy pass away and i also told him the good news !!! 

My last breakfast together with daddy alone . 
Every month , when i was back in Subang , daddy and me will go for breakfast together at Restaurant Capital in Up town or sometimes we will try out new Kelantanese foods. This is like me and daddy's time together . 
I remember last year when the government loosen the dine in ...daddy and me went for breakfast together for the first time after months of not able to dine in. 
I took this pic and told myself that this might be the last breakfast together , just me and him .

After daddy pass away , more bad new hit us particularly Marcus . His dad was diagnose like Lymphoma cancer and undergo treatment in Sunway. He was clear of cancer in Dec'21 and hopefully stay this way

In Sept 2021 , Shortie my beloved dog pass away due to heart failure. 

In Dec 2021, Marcus's mom was diagnose with lung cancer .. 

Overall 2021 is one of the hardest year we ever been through. Loosing 2 important figures in my life is devastating and starting a new job and new role is no fun .
Perhaps looking at an overall big picture will be a better comfort to me. No one decide who's time is up . Daddy's and Shortie's time probably is . No one knows except Mr boss up there. We have to try out best and savor each moment. 

2022 , i hope this year will be a better year . A year of healing and a year of growth 

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