Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Chapter of my life

 We are moving back to Subang after building our life in Penang for the pass 13 years ..... 

Background for the move was to be there for my dad during his fight on cancer. I started to look for opening in Kl/Selangor. However towards end of 2020 , i was really desperate as daddy's needs and condition was getting worst.

I went through like few interviews and honestly it was really taxing and brain draining . Every job interview , i have to go through 2-3 rounds on interviews. First 3 companies , i manage to get through to 2nd interview but no news after that. 

Towards end of Jan , i roughly have high confidence that i will be getting offer on this position  for external PM . Hr from the company ask me to wait as there's a restructure and they are closing this job offer and will open again in near future. I wasn't keen on this job as firstly PM role wasn't something i interested in (bad experience in MSI) and also because is a lady boss.

Than right before CNY , i got a 2nd interview and than 3rd interview and got the job offer... 

When i tender my resignation , i told my boss that i want to relocate back to Subang because i want to spend time with my dad. But now with my dad passing away , i guess the motivation is slightly different.

20% of me looking forward to my new pay !! But 80% of me feeling the resistant to change. 

I think few factors that i reluctant to change :

1. Hannah school and friends. Hannah's teachers in whytehouse are one of the best teachers especially the principle. Hannah is a very fussy eater and Ms Tan did put a lot of effort to try to change Hannah's eating behavior and now she eat things like eggs and tou foo. Hannah also have a whole bunch of evening friends that she enjoy playing with them every evening. Moving back to Subang means Hannah's have to start all over .

2. Current job and new job is both 2 different roles. Changing roles , changing boss , changing company is something huge than if possible i would like to avoid especially at this age. However at least the new job is something i hope i will enjoy better than current role. And my new job is damm far away !! 

3.New friendships all over again . I am going to miss my close friends here especially my steamboat friends , my makeup buddies , my minions friends ....i am going to miss their daily witty conversation so much. I do not know whether will i ever get the same bunch of very good friends in Subang.  

There's so many more things that i wish things remains the same and i wish i do not have to change. However i believe moving back to Subang is part of God's plan. Everything happens for a reason and everything was arrange accordingly. 

I guess i have to trust in him and continue to seek his guidance.

May the next 10 years in Subang will be another great chapter in my life .

Good bye Penang 

Subang !! I am coming back 


Going to this 

From this .... 

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