Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Bye Bye Daddy .

I lost one of the most important person last Monday 8 March 2021 at 1am. Daddy has lost his fight to cancer just less than 1 year. 

I clearly remember the day when daddy announce that he has cancer . All of us was sitting on the dining table working. He went to SJMC to collect the result from his biopsy and to review the result from the hospital. He was very calm when he inform us about the bad news. 

2 weeks ago , i got a call from mummy at7.30am in the morning . She ask me to come home fast as daddy might not have much time left. We rush back home to visit him at Pantai Hospital on 3 March 2021. He was already unconscious by that time. All of us are still having hope that he still will get well however Dr did ask us to prepare for the worst. 

Everyday we took turns to visit daddy and trying to encourage him to keep on fighting . On 5 March , mummy trigger us to inform the hospital to bring daddy home. Guess my uncle (mummy's bro) got a dream that my dad will be passing on soon. As a Buddhist practitioner , they do not want the body to be touch after death . We rush to arrange the ambulance , nursing care , oxygen tanks to bring daddy's home.  

Sunday morning, the nurse called me to say that daddy's pressure drop drastically. When i came down to daddy's room , i saw that his eye was already rolling up . The caretaker told us it most likely should not be long anymore. Mummy's and his temple mates was called to do some chanting .
The caretaker was telling us that daddy seems not to able to let go ..and seems that something is holding him back from moving on.

Throughout the whole day and night , we went to talk to him and to comfort him that everything will be taken care off when he is not around. I guess the last few hours , he was well aware . When i was talking to him , he was tearing. I guess maybe he knows he has to move on and will miss all of us here. 

Around 11pm , mummy pull me off and told me not to cry in front of him as he might not able to move on. Honestly i was a bit piss . I mean he is leaving and i am not allowed to cry with him together. I went up at 11something and daddy pass on around 1am .I guess he probably finally not able to hold on any longer because he was clenching his teeth when he leave.

The funeral was held for 3 days and 2 nights @Nirvana Shah Alam.

I know he wasn't in pain for the last few months till last week of his death. I am glad that God did not make him suffer in pain throughout his cancer journey. I am sad that my daddy have to leave us so early of his life. I was already found a job to move back to Subang. I guess my motivation is so that we all can spend more time together and able to take care of him when needed. Guess it's a bit too late 

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