Monday, December 25, 2017

Travel Europe 2017 : Salzburg , the birthplace of Mozart part 2

Strolling around old town and we went for some random restaurant called Zipfer Bierhaus.
Zipfer_Bierhaus-Salzburg_Austrian tripadvisor
and we make a good choice ...

 they very beautiful napkins
 i ordered no alcoholic beer which taste really nice and light
 outside the restaurant . They have multiple entrance

 We ordered 2 mains - this is roast pork in gravy beer , served with bread dumpling  $12
 Another one we ordered is Wiener Schnitzel served with parsley potatoes and cranberries $12.90 

 Night time walk around old ton

 98% of the shops are close except one or two souvenirs shops are still open.

 This is one of the shops that open and they sell hand painted egg shell christmas deco .

 ostrich eggs -painted...

 a bit too early for christmas ya .. but than maybe it' selling for the whole year

so freaking scary to walk inside the shop ....

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