Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tronoh Duck Farm : Trong Leisure Farm

On our way back from Taiping , we drop by Tronoh the Duck farm . This farm was famously make public in facebook few years ago .
So since on the way we drop by here. Is estimated around 15 km from Taiping centre. 

We are there on Monday afternoon and the whole place is empy. 
Maybe is a working day that is why is empty. 
 The place is very clean and of course touristy
 Entrance fees for adult is RM8 included the ride on the tractor and the boat ride . Quite worth it.
 Baby having breakdown coz her mummy do not want to carry her
 Beautiful place and very well maintain

 The bumpy tractor ride into the farm.
 Baby was able to sit quietly for 10 minutes bumpy ride

 along the way , you can see lots of different sentimentalize duck farm with ducks chilling out beside the ponds.

 Our tickets

 An area for briefing .. but when we were there no one welcome us ... only 2 workers chiling out on the beach
 baby was pretty afraid of these ducks ...
According to the poster information , seems that these ducks are pekin breed ducks.
 Very clean and beautiful ducks

 These guys are very clean and well fed
 you can buy duck foods to feed them RM1 only

 The cutest part is at this duckling pent .
They are so adorable .. that when we approach them ... they will start to come over.
 Of course i brought one pack of duck foods for feeding ... these babies do peak us ... of course not painful but .... u know aggressive

 some of the ducks wonder out from their fence

 Can see baby was really scared of them

 We get a 30 mins boat ride as part of the package rm8 ..

 Marcus- of course in charge of the paddling

 and baby was happy playing with the moving paddle

 me feeding some ducks ..
 view from the boat .
They do have some chalet for rental .... but doesn't seem like anyone staying there

Overall , not bad the visit ....
Can visit them at their facebook  : Trong Leisure Farm

After your visit to the farm can drop by at their shop where they sell salted duck eggs and pekin roast duck ...
So weird ... but they also have a seafood restaurant if you cannot telan those beautiful cute ducks that you just pet

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