Thursday, August 10, 2017

Travel 2017 : Europe Trip Summary

There's some lagging in the posts lately. So many things happen for the past few months and one of the main thing is that I changed job .

In between both jobs , i manage to sneak in The Europe Trip that my mom has been longing to go for YEARS !!!

It was a last minute trip and everything was planned out within less than 2 months. Worst part is that during the travel period was the PEAK of the holiday and the hottest month .
The trip was from 16 July - 1 Aug 2017 , which we covered Prague , Munich , Salzburg/Hallstatt , Venice and Florence.

We fly with Singapore air from KL --> Singapore
and from Singapore to Prague via Zurich with Swiss Air .

This is the 1st time we all travel by Swiss Air and i would say tht their service is nearly on par with Singapore airline service.
One of the highlights bout their on flight service is that they provide individual water bottled.
And they serve snacks and drinks for 1 hour flight service .

 Foods are tasty and wines are serve in bottles.

Our traveled itinerary:
16 July 2017 : Depart from KL at  8.40pm and reach Singapore at 9.50pm. Our fight from Singapore to Zurich was at 11.30pm.

17 July 2017 :
We reached Zurich at 6.10am and Prague at 8.30am
Checked in airbnb
Jews Museum
Old town Hall
Charles Bridge

18 July 2017 :
Prague Castle , Old Royal Palace , St George Bacilica , St Vitus Cathedral
Dinner at U Krale Brabantskeho

19 July 2017:
Visited Farmer’s Market Jirak
Depart to Munich by train - 5 hours

20 July 2017:
Sandermans Free Munich Tour
St. Peter's Church
Munich Residence

21 July 2017 :
Neuschwanstein castle

22 July 2017:
2 hours train to Salzburg

23 July 2017:
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Mozart's Birthplace
River Boat tour

24 July 2017 :

25 July 2017:
Train and bus ride to Venice ( nearly 5 hours)

26 July 2017
St Mark Square
Doges' Palace
Basilica Di San Marco

27 July 2017
Headed to Florence by train around 2 hours ride
Mercato Centrale

28 July 2017
Accademia Gallery
Uffizi Gallery

29 July 2017
Duomo- Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
Baptistery of San Giovanni

30 July 2017
Train to Pisa ( 1 hour)
Duomo Pisa
Climb Pisa Tower
Visit Outlet

1 Aug 2017
Back to KL

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